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Chiquita Hall-Martin, APRN-C.

Bounce Back Health & Wellness

Chiquita has been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. With a vast experience in areas such as pediatrics, trauma, liver and kidney transplant, surgery, hematology, oncology, just to name a few, she has been an advocate for health, wellness, and self-care.  Her focus is on being proactive rather than reactive.  With an abundance of experience, a thirst for guiding, motivating, and coaching others, she decided to expand her knowledge of nursing and graduated from Graceland University in 2019, earning her Master of Science in Nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

During a training session with one of the pioneers of Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Hale, she found her passion, her cure, and her purpose.  Since then, she has been dedicated in helping both men and women get back to feeling like themselves again through hormone replacement therapy and other modalities.  Chiquita also specializes in medical weight loss management and coaching. She believes it’s not about the destination, but the person you become along the way.

A mother of two wonderful children, an amazing husband, Chiquita also enjoys fitness, exercising, meaningful conversations, comedy, and watching HGTV. She loves to make people smile, encourage them and to make a difference in some capacity.




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