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Emily Weins

Holistic Hair Hive

I have been a passionate stylist in this incredible industry for 11 years now and I love every second of it! This was something I felt called to do from a young age. I took a windier road of getting there though with a quick 4-year stopover at the University of Kansas for a bachelors in accounting (don’t ask me for tax help) 


Even though I knew this is what I was meant to do, I had no idea how much joy this industry would bring me. Not only do I get to use my creative side day in and day out, but the amazing relationships and connections I have made with my clients over the years is really what this is all about for me!


Over the past several years I have truly made it my goal to consistently educate myself with all the current trends and techniques so as to consistently give my clients the highest level of service and style. 


I specialize in Blondes and Extensions. One of my core beliefs is that each and every client should have the healthiest hair possible. I strive to always use the best products and techniques to allow for the healthiest result. Science and development in our industry is forever changing allowing for results that weren’t possible even 5 years ago.  


Along with healthy beautiful hair, I am extremely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle so as to have even more time on this wonderful earth to spend with the ones I love. Life is all about balance but we only get this one life and this one body so let’s take care of it! 

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