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Chelsea Renee

By Chelsea Renee Salon & Extension Bar

When I became a hairstylist I thought it was because I enjoyed creating beautiful hair, but I quickly realized the most important thing I would be doing is creating connection. I love seeing the confidence that is created and fostered in my guests by something as simple as a hair appointment.

​Education is my passion!  In an ever-changing industry I value challenging myself to stay current in the latest techniques and ideas.

I've worked hard to create an atmosphere at my salon that you can truly let go and relax. I know your day is busy and it's important to me to honor and protect the hour or so that you take for yourself. My current guests love that I am always thinking about their next five appointments to formulate specific game plans for their look. I love to have options for you that will create change and protect the integrity of your hair.

So if you're ready for relaxation, connection, and some really great hair I'd love to have you in my chair!


instagram: @bychelsearenee

facebook: @bychelsearenee


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